Keynote speeches from:

H.E. Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

H.E. Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak

Secretary General
Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

H.E. Saif Mohamed Al Hajeri

Department Of Economic Development - Abu Dhabi

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Addressing the UAE Environment Vision 2021 for Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure

The UAE Environment Vision 2021 and Environment Vision Abu Dhabi 2030 aim to improve the air quality in the country by promoting strategies and programmes that encourage continued research and development, technological innovation, financial incentivisation and enhancement of policies and regulations.

 The Clean Air Forum in conjunction with the Future Air Quality Technology Exhibition, hosted by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and the Department of Economic Development - Abu Dhabi, covers the latest research, cutting-edge technology and top methodology for ensuring sustainable means of reducing ambient pollution and improving air quality. It further highlights the importance of continuous air monitoring and the impact of outdoor and indoor air pollutants on public health in the region.

The Clean Air Forum brings together stakeholders from across the environmental management value chain, including government officials, international and regional experts from the energy, oil and gas, mining, quarrying, metal and plastic manufacturing, automotive and construction industries.


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Why Attend?

Hear about the current status of air quality in the UAE, and the implications air quality has on public health globally

Gain insight on the specific KPIs and management strategies set forward by the UAE for various industries

Learn how governmental authorities are promoting green SMEs and environmentally-friendly industries

Recognise the latest air quality monitoring and air pollution reduction technologies

Gain insight into the cutting-edge advancements in renewable, clean and efficient energies

Understand the UAE’s move towards a sustainable integrated transport system

Who should attend?

Environmental experts and researchers, Health, Safety and Environment professionals and technical operators in:

  •  Ministries
  •  Environmental Agencies
  •  Municipalities
  •  Road and Transport Authorities
  •  Healthcare Authorities
  •  Power and Water Authorities
  •  Oil and Gas Companies
  •  Mining and Quarrying Companies
  •  Metal Manufacturing Companies
  •  Plastic Manufacturing Companies
  •  Automotive Companies
  •  Construction and Real Estate Developers
  •  Contractors
  •  Technology Developers
  •  Research and Development
  •  Academic Institutes
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